Shikha Mittal


Things to know more about Chrome Nails

Getting bored from matte finish nails? Let’s jump to again mirror metallic nails. As everybody knows, Nail Trend is constantly evolving and while we love a good, simple block color look to keep things chic and elegant, once in awhile, we also love going all out and giving our nails a little “glitz and glamour” royal treatment. With highly pigmented, ultra-reflective chrome powder is all the rage, it’s not hard for any manicure addict to achieve gorgeously polished nails that stand out. Chrome Nails have been a huge trend since 2016 and still continues to be so. In fact the nail designs are getting better and better and more creative till today.

So what is Mirror Manicure? If you are the one who is fond of metallic nail polish, mirror manicure is the thing for you. It basically involves applying a coat of black nail polish as a base coat and then adding some mirror powder to it. This powder will help to give your nails a glossy look - just like a mirror. You then just have to add a top transparent coat to get that mirrored look and you are good to go.
The first DIY is to use this perfectly designed pre-decorated nail tips. The faux nails are easy to get and look professional. You simply have to use nail glue to stick the nail tips. The second DIY is using an aluminum foil tape or a holographic gift/chocolate plastic wrapper. Here using an aluminum foil sticky tape you can create a french manicure tip. You can also use stripper tape for this. This gives a mirror effect French manicure. Any nail polish can be used here to match your French mirror manicure. Also; you can use this method to get a full Mirror Nail effect as well. You just have to cut the shape out on the sticky tape or stick the tape and trim it accordingly. This sticky tape is waterproof and heat resistant. Apply a top coat to get a finished look and to protect your nail art. The third DIY is using any metallic silver polish or chrome nail polish to get this look. This gives false mirror effect to some extent. Note: You can use any color you want, but the reflective chrome powder tends to show up better against a black base. Next, with the little applicator (usually comes with the chrome pigment), wipe the chrome powder across the nail. Dust off any excess powder with a fan brush. To make clean-up easier, apply a thin layer of school craft glue on the skin around your nails. Seal it all in with a layer of topcoat. This is the best way if you don't want faux nails or any kind of nail art for yourself. This is super easy and a simple way to get close to Chrome Mirror Nails. So Mirror Manicure Chrome Nails look very difficult to achieve, but with these techniques its easy and will cost you hardly any money. This Mirror Manicure looks really chic and stylish which captures everyone's attention.

This manicure is not only easy but it also has some benefits that are Detoxifies your nails Softens nail cuticles Strengthens brittle nails Nourishes the skin on your hands Prevents dark patches on hands Removes hangnails Exfoliates your skin

How to remove chrome powder nails

  • Buff the shine off the surface of the chrome powder nails with the grey side of the nail buffer.
  • Use the Gel Polish Removal Wraps: Saturate the pad on the foil with Gel Nail Polish Remover. Wrap the foil tightly around your finger to lock in the natural heat. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the Gel Polish Remover to lift the gel polish off the nail.
  • Remove wraps. Use the Gel Polish Removal Tool to gently remove the remaining gel polish from the nails. To remove any residue for a healthy finish, gently buff your natural nails with the pink side of the buffer.

So here you know that chrome powder nails are easy to apply and way to remove. Next time, if you are in hurry and you don’t have much time to go to salon and get new manicure then you can try this chrome manicure. it is yet simple, attractive, and gives you instance glamorous look.